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We hope you enjoy the content here - but even if not, thank you for reading.  Advancing the state of the computation and storage art is an exercise in sharing ideas and collaborating on new and previously unexplored/unthinkable concepts.

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Expertise in Computing


From programming supercomputers in the 1970's to guiding clients in computing with persistent memory and GPUs today, our firm has done it all in computing.  If you are looking for expertise at the cutting edge, or just to improve your current computing environment, cloud or on-premises, look no further.

World-Class People


Our firm was started by Rob Peglar, who has a distinguished 40+ year career in the compute and storage industry, starting as an operating system developer and rising over the years to senior executive and CTO roles, working for legendary companies, including Micron, EMC, StorageTek, and Control Data.

Expertise in Storage


Storage has been a passion for more than 30 years, from classic disk and tape subsystems to today's 3D NAND and persistent memory.  Let our firm help yours understand the ever-expanding realm of data storage, creating optimal efficiencies through innovative storage design and implementation.

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